Using Payaca's integration with Stripe you can process card payments with the mobile app. No need for a card reader, simply scan with your phone camera and you're done in seconds!

You need to be running the latest version of the Payaca mobile app version (2.3.0 or higher). This process uses Stripe elements so no card details are stored or processed by Payaca or your business but do keep in mind any PCI compliance obligations that may apply to you.

How do I do it?

  1. You can access this either from a proposal or invoice or the "Payments" tab of the deal screen. Click the blue "+" button and click "Payment" as shown below with the red arrow.

2. The next screen we pre-fill the charge amount with any amount that is due either as a deposit or invoice. If you want to charge a different amount change it here.

3. Now you have the option to "Scan card" using the phone camera or simply key in the numbers. Add the Postal Code of the card holder and click "Pay now".

4. All done! Assuming the payment went through successfully you'll see a green payment record, if not it will be red.

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