How to schedule events and bookings
How to schedule work, book a customer appoint and organise your team's time
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The web version for the office

There are two main places where you can create and manage events.

The main calendar view

On the main calendar page you you can switch between viewing the overall calendar in list, day, week and month. You can also switch to a view where you view individual users in a list using the switch on the top left. When viewing by user you can drag and drop to reassign and reschedule. The gif below shows it in action,

On each deal

On an an individual deal page you can see the events that are linked to that deal. You can create them on the overview page as well as view a timeline on the schedule tab. Events can be dragged to reschedule at any point. In the edit view you can link up your tasks and assign them to users. When field agents are assigned a job they'll get notified

The mobile app

On the mobile app your team with field agent permission will only be able to see events and tasks giving them a much simpler view. If events are assigned to them they will appear in the calendar as well as them being notified when it's assigned. If push notifications aren't enough you can also setup SMS automations to make sure they don't miss an appointment.

For admins who create and edit events the mobile app also provides a simple interface for doing so. You can create tasks, attach images and docs as well as linking important forms for the team to complete.

For field agents and techs they can also upload images and add tags that drive automations such as customer "on the way" notifications and moving a deal to the next stage of the pipeline.

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