How to use the boiler service journey
How to use the Payaca Heating Accelerator (PHA) boiler service journey
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What is the PHA?

As mentioned in previous articles, the PHA combines knowledge of the UK heating industry, and the features Payaca has to offer to produce automated customer journeys.

These are designed to help you save time managing your work, and produce exceptional customer experiences at the same time.

Where do I find it?

Much like the boiler installation journey, the service journey is made of a pre build customer pipeline, and a series of automated actions and customer communications.

To find the customer pipeline, head to the Deals section and click the drop down menu in the top left. Click on PHA-SERV-01 to navigate to the service pipeline.

To find the automations, head to the Automations section. Search PHA-SERV and this will filter the list of automations to only show those relating to the service journey.

How do I use it?

Much like the boiler installation journey, understanding when to apply the two tags listed below is the key to how the service journey works.

If you're unsure what tags are, check out this article.

The points to remember adding tags are:

  • Once you have created the service event in Payaca, tag it with PHA Service

  • When you have completed the event, tag the same event with PHA Service Pass

It's best to add the PHA service pass tag onsite before you leave. Adding these tags will ensure the deal progresses smoothly, while the communications are also sent.

The video below includes a full end to end walkthrough off the journey.


The automations will not be switched on when they are added to your account. You will need to review the communication content to ensure you are happy with whats included, and switch them on when you are ready to go.

The automations run in this order:

  1. PHA-SERV-01 / New lead confirmation

  2. PHA-SERV-01 / Service booking confirmation

  3. PHA-SERV-01 / Service booking tomorrow SMS reminder

  4. PHA-SERV-01 / Service booking today SMS reminder

  5. PHA-SERV-01 / Service passed

  6. PHA-SERV-01 / Service plan

Not signed up to the PHA? Find out more here:

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