What is a Project?

I've never used a CRM before, what's a project?

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In simple terms, a project describes an open piece of work with a customer.

Essentially a project acts like a folder, where you can access all the different processes needed to manage that customer's sales journey.

Within a project, you can complete many different functions.

Here is a list of some of the tools included within a project:

  • Quoting

  • Invoicing

  • Payment records

  • Job forms

  • Certificates

  • Images

  • Files

  • Notes

  • Job booking

  • Reminders

  • Tasks

  • Materials required

  • Purchase orders

All of this you can access and interact with within a project.

Example of an open project interface

Payaca project view

It is possible to have multiple projects open with any one customer. These projects represent different independent projects you are working on for that customer.

For example, one project might track work on a new roof while another project might be tracking the installation of a new boiler.

Both pieces of work are independent and priced differently, meaning they are stored in different projects.

Understanding projects is far easier when you understand pipelines. We describe what pipelines are here.

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