What is a deal?
I've never used a CRM before, what's a deal?
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A deal in CRM software refers to a potential or actual sale or project. It is called a "deal" because it represents a business transaction or agreement that is being negotiated or has been completed. In Payaca's software, a "deal" is a central location where all information related to a specific project or sale is stored.

Within a deal you can store:

  • Quotes

  • Invoices

  • Payment records

  • Job forms

  • Certificates

  • Images

  • Files

  • Notes

  • Job bookings

  • Reminders

  • Tasks

  • Materials required

  • Purchase orders

It allows for easy management and tracking of the progress of the deal. A customer can have multiple deals in the system, which can be accessed and viewed on the customer's dedicated page.

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