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How to turn your website, social, and other web traffic into paying customers with My Pages

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What are My Pages

Using My Pages you are able to create lead capture forms that can turn your web traffic into paying customers.

Creating forms that can either be embedded into your website or accessed via a link, My Pages will capture customer contact information and details about their enquiry`, and create customer and project records in Payaca.

The project records can be dropped into a Pipeline of your choosing. Combining this with our custom automations, you can set up automatic welcome communications, helping you provide a great experience and win more work.

Where can I find them?

My Pages are only accessible via the Payaca web app.

Just click on the menu in the top right hand corner of the screen, and My Pages is the 4th option down, and use this to create your lead capture forms.

How do I create them?

1 Head to the My Pages section.

As stated above, you can find this using the menu in the top right hand menu, and My Pages is the 4th option down.

2 Select 'Create a link to a page' or 'Create website snippet'

  • Create a link to a page - use this when you want to send someone a form to fill in, that will collect customer details and create a project

  • Create website snippet - use this for creating the code needed to add a contact form to your website

3 Select the questions

The section on the left of your screen labelled 'Customise your page', at the top of that section, there is a drop down menu for adding the questions you need to ask potential customers.

4 Set you branding and shaping of the form.

In the same 'Customise your page', you can set the branding colour, and customer the look and feel of the form. This is just under where you add the questions.

5 Set your target pipeline

As stated, when a lead fills in one of these forms, it will create a customer record and create a new project. You can use this option to tell this form what pipeline you want these projects added to.

6 Add the tags you want to add.

Tags are great for triggering automations, and identifying where the a lead has come from. If you have set up a link that is accessible via your Facebook page, you can track the number of leads, and their quality that come in via that channel.

7 Finally, either generate the link or website code snippet you need

If you are creating a code snippet, you'll need to hand this over to the developer that is responsible for your website. They can then use this to add it in to your website

If you are creating a link to a page, you add this link to social pages, auto response messages, or send it to a third party you want to be able to add customers and projects.


Can I shorten the links that send customers to a page?

You can use 3rd party services such as Bitly to shorten the links generated Payaca. These links can be added to auto responses on socials for example.

How do I embed a form into my website?

When start building the form with the questions that need, make sure you have selected the 'Create website code snippet' selection. Once its ready, click the 'Copy to clipboard' button. Paste this into an email, and send to the person that builds your website.

What happens if an existing customer fills in a form?

It will create a new project against the existing customer record you have in Payaca. It will not create a duplicate customer record.

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