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Working with Offline Mode
Working with Offline Mode

How to stay productive when you have no signal

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Our mobile app has offline capability so you can continue to work in areas of low or no internet connection. If you have a really patchy signal often it is best to use "flight mode" whilst working on the app to ensure data is not constantly trying to sync.

Banner showing no internet connection in the Payaca mobile app

What data is stored for offline use

When working in the field you often need access to data telling you where you need to be (Events) and what you need to do (Tasks). The following data is stored:

  • Events - all Events from the start of the day until the end of the following day (including Tasks linked to the Event).

  • Tasks - for Tasks not linked to the Event we retrieve a list of 50 plus full data for the next 3 - sorted by deadline date and created date (oldest first), excluding tasks completed over 24 hours ago.

Note: Offline data is stored only for users that are assigned to the Event or Task

When is data stored for offline use?

Refreshing offline data in Payaca mobile app

There are 4 situations where Event and Task data is fetched:

  1. When you sign in to the app

  2. When the app is opened after being fully closed

  3. When using the app and you go from no internet to an internet connection

  4. You can manually request a data sync by clicking your logo in the top right then "Download upcoming tasks and events for offline" as shown below.

Click you logo to open the additional menu
Download upcoming tasks and events for offline use

When is data created while offline synced?

Data created while offline (for example a job form completed) will be synced whenever you complete any action in the app whilst online.

What actions can I complete offline?

Actions can be carried out offline which will later be attempted to sync with the cloud. They are:

  • Create/update customer

  • Create/update scheduled event

  • Create/update task and task completion

  • Update existing form


It is important to note that when data completed offline syncs with the data stored in the cloud it will overwrite any existing data. This should be handled by the fact that only assigned users will be working with data offline. When working with forms it is important that only one user is working with it in offline mode.

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