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Working with Offline Mode
Working with Offline Mode
How to stay productive when you have no signal
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You will often find yourself without signal when you or the team are out in the field. This can be a pain when trying to complete the tasks you need to do onsite, like filling in your certificates.

That's why we have added 'offline mode' for the mobile app.

The offline mode stores data locally on your device, so you can still access it when you have lost signal.

Every time you open the mobile app, it will refresh your local data. You can see when this is running, as you'll see a green banner appear at the top of the screen while the app is loading.

You are able to manually refresh your local data as well. To do this, simply open the menu in the top right hand corner of the screen, clicking your company logo. From here, select the option that says 'Download upcoming tasks and events for offline'.

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