How to use the boiler installation journey

How to use the Payaca Heating Accelerator (PHA) boiler installation journey

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What is the PHA?

The PHA is an add on that combines Payaca's features and knowledge of the heating industry to create pre built customer journey pipelines, automated customer communications, and product images to save you time, and provide a great experience for your customers.

Where do I find it?

The boiler installation journey is made up of a pre built customer pipeline, and a series of automations for progressing projects through the pipeline, and sending customer communications.

The pipeline can be found by heading to the projects section, clicking the drop down menu in the top left, and selecting PHA-INST-01.

The automations can be found by heading to the automations section. If you search PHA-INST, this will return all the automations relevant to this journey.

How do I use it?

Progressing projectss through the boiler installation journey is based on booking events into your calendar, quoting for the work, and invoicing when you are ready.

If you're unsure what tags are, check out this article.

The 2 key tags to remember are

  • Tag a boiler survey EVENT booking as PHA Survey

  • Tag a boiler install EVENT booking as PHA Install

Adding these tags will ensure that projects progress smoothly. For more information on this, please watch this video:


As mentioned above, you can all the automations relevant to this journey by heading to the Automations section, and searching for PHA-INST.

Before using them, you will need to review the content of any communications & make changes you want, and turn on the automation.

They run in this order:

  1. PHA-INST-01 / New lead confirmation

  2. PHA-INST-01 / Survey booking confirmation

  3. PHA-INST-01 / Survey booking reminder

  4. PHA-INST-01 / Quote sent SMS

  5. PHA-INST-01 / Quote follow up questions

  6. PHA-INST-01 / Install booking confirmation

  7. PHA-INST-01 / Install booking reminder

  8. PHA-INST-01 / Post install

Not signed up to the PHA? Find out more here:

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