How to use item groups to save time

Often want to reuse the same group of Items? Here's how you can use Payaca to save time.

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Creating Item Groups

Often you will want to reuse the same group of Items multiple times. These groups can contain both multiple choice and optional add-ons. Using the "Item groups" feature from the Items you sell page you can store templates that can be used and edited on individual Proposals.

Click Item groups from the Items you sell page in Payaca

The Item Groups page displays all of your saved Items with a button to create a new group. The total amount shown at the bottom of each group may show a range in the case where you use multiple choice or optional items.

View Item groups page in Payaca

When you create a group you give it an "name" for internal reference and a "description" that is shown to the customer.

You can select whether the Item is:

  • Required - Item is included automatically

  • Multiple choice - when applied to multiple items in the group the customer can click or tap to select the item they want out of all those marked in this way. You can also define which is included by default by clicking the circle to the left.

  • Optional - can be included or not. Ticking the box to the left means it is included unless the customer unticks it, if you uncheck it the customer needs to click or tap to add it on.

Edit Item groups in Payaca

Using saved Item Groups

Once you have created an Item group when creating a proposal simply click "Search existing groups" to instantly add the stored group.

Search existing groups when creating a Payaca Proposal

💡 Remember you can always edit the group once you've added it but if you often

sell similar groups this feature is a huge time saver!

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