How to manage customers with Payaca
Keeping accurate customer data is important, you can easily import data from your existing sources to get started quickly
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An overview of managing customer data in Payaca's CRM Software

Creating Customers Manually

  • To create a customer manually, go to the "Customers" tab on Payaca's web platform and click on the "Create Customer" button.

  • This will add one contact by default, but you can switch to the "Advanced View" to add multiple contacts to the customer one at a time.

Importing Customers via CSV

  • To import customer data via CSV, go to the top right corner of the web platform and click on your logo.

  • From the drop-down menu, select "Import Data" and follow the prompts to upload your CSV file.

  • Make sure the CSV file is properly formatted and includes all the necessary information for each customer.

Importing Customers via Xero or QuickBooks Integration:

  • Payaca's CRM software allows you to connect your CRM data with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks.

  • To connect with one of these platforms, go to the "Connections" page, and you will find the option to connect your CRM with Xero or QuickBooks.

  • Once the integration is set up, you can import customer data quickly via the integration.

Adding Addresses:

  • To add an address for a customer, click on the customer's profile and then click on the "Addresses" tab.

  • From there, you can add a new address by clicking on the "Add Address" button.

  • You can also add access contacts for the address, which are often used for tenants renting from the landlord (main customer).

Using Addresses on Deals

  • Payaca's CRM software allows you to use customer addresses as site addresses on deals.

  • To do this, go to the "Deals" tab, and then click on the "Add Deal" button.

  • Add a customer in the first box.

  • In the second box click "Add site address", select an address for the deal, and you can choose from the customer's existing addresses.

Selecting Contacts for Quotes and Invoices

  • You can select different contacts for sending quotes and invoices.

  • When creating a quote or invoice, you will be prompted to select a contact for the document.

  • You can choose from the customer's existing contacts, including billing and operational contacts.

Viewing Deals Linked to a Customer:

  • On the "Customers" overview page, you can see all deals linked to a particular customer.

  • Simply click on the customer's name to view their profile and then navigate to the "Deals" tab.

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