Materials, items and profit margin
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Key features of the update include:

  1. The "Manage Items" page: Instead of a small pop-up box, items now appear on a dedicated page where users can customize the description and other details.

  2. Pricing information: The update introduces three pricing options - exact price, profit percentage, or specific profit amount per job. The profit percentage is based on sales price and the cost of the materials, replacing the previous markup system to avoid confusion and common mistakes with profit calculations.

  3. Updates in material pricing: The cost price will automatically update if material prices change, although this feature is optional.

  4. Improved material management: Users can now search materials by suppliers, categories, and add them directly to the items. The sales price auto-updates with each addition.

  5. Autosave and undo features: Changes to the items are automatically saved. Mistaken deletions can be reverted using command Z or control Z.

  6. Changes in proposal building: The autosave feature now only requires a single click to update a saved item. However, the ability to edit the materials linked to a specific quote or project is still in development.

  7. Tax options: These are available depending on applicability.

To view our video explaining Markup vs. Margin, Click Here

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