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How to send an invoice in Payaca
How to send an invoice in Payaca
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Version 1 invoices

This method soon to be discontinued creates only one invoice for the total value of the project.

Version 2 invoices including part invoicing

With the latest update you can now create and send multiple invoices on a project. An invoice will also be automatically created for any deposits paid at the quoting stage.

It's important to note that everything starts with a Proposal, once accepted you can invoice for all or part of this value.

On the Web

Go to the Invoices / Payments tab and click Create invoice.

This then opens the modal below where you can select the percentage you wish to invoice. By default it will be the total remaining on the project but you can change this to be any percentage you like!

In this example I have chosen to create an invoice for 40% of the project so this shows in the % Due column below. You can see a summary of the remaining totals on the right side panel.

Simply hit Preview and Send to send to your customer. Return to the Invoices / Payments tab to invoice the remaining total.

Payments are shown below along with a reconciliation table that can be expanded out to see which payments match which invoices.

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