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How to create and send a quote/estimate/proposal
How to create and send a quote/estimate/proposal
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Go to "Projects" and select "Create Project"

For more information on creating projects, read "How do I create a project"

Enter your customer name, or create a new customer. Then click "Create Project"

In the project view, select "Create Proposal"

Search for and add the items you are quoting for.

To learn how to create items, read "How do I create items you sell".

You can also use this page to:

  • add an introductory message

  • add any necessary notes

  • add supporting documents or images to your quote.

See "How to create engaging quotes" to explore this in more detail.

In this section, you can also:

  • edit quote validity

  • request a deposit

  • choose your payment options

Click "Preview" to review your quote.

Once you are happy with your proposal, click "Send".

You also have the option here to save the proposal as a PDF.

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