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Setting up your business information & branding
Setting up your business information & branding

Ensure all your documents look their best and have the right information on.

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To get started head over to the company settings section:

You'll see a screen like the below example. It's important to go through each section and ensure all the information is correct.

What's in each section?

Company info

  • Trading name - this will be shown alongside the legal business name when you signed up. If you need to change your legal business name please drop us a message.

  • SMS handle - in the UK and Australia you can send SMS messages from your business name, enter a name between 4 and 11 characters here.

  • Telephone number

  • Address

  • Registered country name - shown in the footer of your quotes & invoices.

  • Company registration number - shown in the footer of your quotes & invoices.

  • Proposals and invoices

    • Default proposal due days - how what is the default time range a quote or estimate you send is valid for, don't worry you can change each one.

    • Default invoice due days - how long do you want to wait to get paid.

  • Gas Safe Information - if your business is Gas Safe registered in the UK enter you registration number here. Each engineer can add their ID card number in My profile

  • Project settings

    • Hide item prices - on quotes and invoices don't display the price of each item, only show the total cost.

    • Hide tax breakdown - on quotes and estimates

  • Construction Industry Scheme - in the UK if you do CIS subcontracting work turn that on here.


  • Upload your logo - super important to make your business look professional and impress customers.

  • Choose a brand colour - match it to your logo to keep everything on brand.

  • Attach marketing material - documents and images uploaded here will be embedded in every quote or invoice you send. It's a good idea to include any industry accreditations or marketing brochures.

Getting paid

  • Payment method defaults

    • Card payments with Stripe - integrate (or setup in 2 mins) a Stripe account to accept payments via card, Apple or Google Pay.

    • Bank transfer

      • Bank details - shown when a payment is requested

      • Tax ID number - shown on your invoices

      • Payment terms - shown on your invoices

Tax rates

This shows the tax rates that have are used by default in your region. If you want to add a custom tax rate click "Create Tax Rate". It's important to make sure you have these taxes setup in any accounting software you use for example Xero or QuickBooks.


  • Terms of business - if you have some short terms (a couple of important sentences) add them here.

  • Attach a file - hopefully you have a comprehensive document describing your terms and conditions. If you do attach them here then when a customer is signing a proposal, quote or estimate it will state that by signing they are agreeing to this linked document. This will also be sent to the customer automatically when documents are signed along with the signed document itself.

E-mail customisation

This section allows you to update the template text that will be shown on emails for:

  • Estimates

  • Quotes

  • Invoices

You can change it each time but if you have standard text this will save you a lot of time.

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