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Create users and modify roles and permissions
Create users and modify roles and permissions
User roles makes it simple to keep your team focused on what they need to do. So they can only access what they need, when they need it.
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User roles let you restrict access to areas of Payaca your team doesn't need to see.

For example you may have a "sales department" and a team of "field agents". You may want your field agents to only see the jobs they need to work through while your sales team is focused on bringing on new sales and ensuring jobs get paid.

You can make it faster to onboard new team members and reduce user errors by restricting access based on their role in your company.

By default, Payaca has 3 User roles optimised for the service industry.

  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • Field Agent

  • Sales Manager

Super Admin

Super admins can access all functionality available in Payaca. This is the account that gets invoiced and has card details on record. This is the only account that can change subscription level and billing details. You can have multiple super admins however we recommend only allowing trusted users as super admins or admin users.


The admin has all the same user access as a super admin with the exception of the manage subscription screen.

Field agent:

The field agent only has access to view the calendar or view and edit tasks that are assigned to them. This keeps them focused on their main priorities.

This article and the functionality within Payaca is subject to change so please keep an eye on future updates. This article will be updates as changes are made.

Here is how you add new users (team members) to your account:

1: Open the users page by clicking the users icon on the left hand menu.

2: Click "create new".

3: Type in the name and email of your team member and allocate them a user role. Then click the "Send invite" button.

Your new user will be sent an email to verify their account and get setup.

How to change a users permissions or user role:

1: Click on the three dots to the far right side of the user. Then click change role.

2: Select a new user role from the drop down menu.

If you have any questions feel free to message us anytime.

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