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How to integrate Payaca with Xero

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What does this integration do?

After making the connection:

  1. When you send an invoice with Payaca an invoice record will automatically be created in Xero and marked as sent. Item and contact records will be matched or created if none exist.

  2. You can optionally import all of your contacts and items from Xero to Payaca in a single click at any time to make it super fast to create new quotes in Payaca.

Setting up Xero

Select "Connections" from the drop-down menu in the top right.

This will take you to the connections page (https://web.payaca.com/connections).

Once here, click "Connect to Xero" and enter your login details.

You will now be presented with a pop-up allowing you to match up your Payaca tax rates with your Xero tax rates.

Choose your default revenue amount. This is usually 200 sales but you can select other options.

On the left, you will see all your tax rates from within your Payaca account, including any custom tax rates you've set up.

For non-UK users, you will likely be using different tax rates to the standard UK rates. These custom rates will be visible if you have set them up.

On the right, you will see a number of dropdowns next to your Payaca tax rates. These refer to your Xero tax rates and will correspond with what you have set up in your Xero account.

Use the dropdowns to match up your Payaca rates with your Xero rates.

If you see any tax rates you were not expecting you will need to check what you have set up in your Xero account.

Once you have finished mapping your rates, use the tick box to confirm that your tax rates are correct.

Please note that if these are not mapped properly it will cause issues when reconciling payments between Payaca and Xero.

Using Xero

Once connected you can always return to the connections tab to import your Xero items and contacts. You can also use this section to reconfigure your tax rates or disconnect your Xero account from Payaca.

Now each time you send an invoice in Payaca:

It will automatically transfer the details to Xero as below:


Q: What happens if I collect a deposit with a quote?

A: If you request a deposit an invoice will be created for the deposit and sent to Xero when the quote is accepted. Then a new invoice will be sent for each subsequent invoice created.

Q: Can my quotes and estimate details be sent to Xero?

A: Currently only invoices are sent, however, we are always looking to extend our offering and may add this in the future.

Q: Does Payaca send information about payments taken to Xero?

A: No, Xero will reconcile payments from the connected bank accounts with the invoice records. Invoices are marked paid in Payaca before they are reconciled in Xero so your automated invoice reminders should be set up in Payaca and turned off in Xero.

Q: I still have more questions!

A: Please click the live chat icon in the bottom right and one of the team will be happy to help.

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